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About Sticky Icky

We sell the best, and let the others sell the rest.

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Sticky Icky isn’t just a supplier of top-of-the-line products; we provide an ever-expanding lifestyle that explores the cannabis industry as it pairs with creative expression. With our passion for both cannabis products and the artistic interpretation of the fashion industry, we are merging our two loves for an experience that celebrates excellence, cultural diversity, and the cannabis industry.

Sticky Icky pre-rolls

One Gram Pre-Rolls

Find your perfect pre-roll here.

Khalifa Kush

Our Khalifa Kush pre-roll is loaded with the most potent Khalifa Kush on the market. Known more commonly as “Wiz Khalifa OG” among the cannabis community it is a descendant of the legendary and widely adapted OG Kush.

Super Exotic

Bursting with flavor, our super exotic pre-roll is rolled with a medley of our loud and mouth watering strains.

Sticky Icky Orange Tree
Sticky Icky Gorilla Glue
Sticky Icky Dr. Frost
Sticky Icky Purple Punch
Sticky Icky cotton candy OG

Top Tier Flower, Designer Strains

Sticky Icky Collective has an extensive menu offering products for a wide variety of desired experiences. In our menu, you’ll find exotic and rare cannabis strains that you won’t find anywhere else. Our products’ potent flavor profiles and unique aromas have a satisfying reputation among many of our new and existing customers.

Sticky Icky Animal cookies
Sticky Icky sunset sherbert
Sticky Icky Strawberry fields
Sticky Icky Khalifa Kush
Sticky Icky Sour Banana Sherbert


Sticky Icky is not just actively working to build the cannabis community; we’re always on the grind and making moves to shape the luxury cannabis culture.

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